Our Laboratory

The neuroinformatics laboratory is located on the third floor of the NTIS building (laboratory number: UN 323). It is equipped with a soundproof cabin (see in Fig. 1) and Skoda Octavia car simulator (see in Fig. 2).

The following devices are used for experiments:

  • standard EEG caps placed according to 10-20 system with 19 electrodes,
  • the wireless neuroheadsets (Emotiv: EPOC, mindTec: MindCap XL Headband, NeuroSky: MindWave),
  • two EEG amplifiers (V-Amp: The BCI Amplifier, BrainAmp DC),
  • audiometer for measuring the acuity of hearing,
  • odd-ball protocol stimulator (own production),
  • stimulation device for cognitive research (own production),
  • the wireless biosensors for monitoring tested subject (blood pulse, respiration rate, EKG, GSR),
  • different kinds of stimulation devices (LED Matrix panel 8x8, Headphones, computer with stimulation protocol using Presentation software)
  • the computers with the software for storing and analyzing data (BrainVision Recorder, BrainVision Analyzer 2).

Our neuroinformatics laboratory is shown in Fig. 3.

Figure 1: soundproof cabin

Figure 2: car simulator

Figure 3: EEG laboratory


These EEG/ERP experiments are performed in our laboratory:

  • Driver's attention during monotonous driving (visual and auditory stimulation)
  • Traditional oddball EEG/ERP and experiments (visual stimulation, e.g. based on the LED stimulation)
  • Steady state visually evoked potential (SSVEP) experiments (visual stimulation, e.g. based on the LED stimulation)
  • Attention of children with developmental coordination disorder (visual and auditory stimulation)

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