Case studies


Driver's attention

A large number of accidents are caused by driver fatigue. In research cooperation with Czech Technical University in Prague we have developed a system based on analysis of EEG/ERP (electroencephalograph/event-related potential) signals which can evaluate a driver’s degree of attention. The aim of the research is to identify the characteristic features of a driver’s behavior in different traffic situations and use the resulting data and findings for further research, which would ultimately be able to prevent a significant number of traffic accidents.

Coordination disorder in children

As some children grow they may develop problems caused by an inability to adequately control their movements. From our physiotherapeutic experience we know that the sooner we start to improve their coordination skills, the better the results will be. During our research in cooperation with the Faculty Hospital in Pilsen and the Department of Physical Education and Sport at the University of West Bohemia we successfully developed a method for detecting motor disorder based on audio stimulation and the evaluation of the related brain signals. The results are available for follow-up studies and use in practice.

BCI calculator

Starting with our long-term research results from brain wave measurements (EEG) and event related potentials (ERP) we designed, developed and tested a system that allows devices to be controlled with a thought. For example, a completely paralyzed patient could use it to operate a hospital bed, their TV, lighting, or call for help in an emergency. Our system can interpret the action the user wants to perform by reading the user’s EEG/ERP as they follow certain visual stimuli.

/Roman Mouček/

Hardware stimulator for cognitive research

We developed a small portable hardware stimulator for electrophysiological and BCI (brain-computer interface) experiments focused on evoked brain responses to auditory and visual stimuli. It is low cost solution that can be easily connected to EEG equipment through standard communication interfaces.

EEG/ERP Portal (EEGBase)

EEG/ERP Portal (EEGBase) is a web based portal for storage, annotation, management, analysis and sharing of electrophysiology data. It is intended to be used by researchers/companies who need to use/store/analyze these data well annotated and possibly publicly visible.

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