Hardware and software infrastructure for measuring and processing electrophysiological experiments

The research group runs neuroinformatics laboratory, in which experimental data in electroencephalography and event related potential domain are measured, processed, stored and shared. The laboratory is equipped with a recording device BrainAmp produced by the BrainProducts company, car simulator and an electrically and acoustically shielded chamber. The laboratory infrastructure is gradually extended to ensure a full implementation cycle from performing electrophysiological experiments to their final interpretation. The developed infrastructure includes e.g. hardware stimulators and synchronization equipment, EEG/ERP portal for storing and sharing data, domain ontologies and software stimulation programs.

Person responsible: Roman Mouček

Collaborators: Pavel Mautner, Petr Brůha, Tomáš Řondík, Lukáš Vařeka, Václav Papež, Jan Štěbeták and students of the bachelor/master study programs


The project is supported by international organizations INCF

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