Analysis of EEG in mice

One layer of mouse retina lacks in a certain population of mice due to genetic disorders; mice cannot see. The use of blind mice in some types of experiments is troublesome, and therefore it would be appropriate to reliably diagnose whether a mouse sees or not. Currently, this can be determined reliably only by analyzing microscopic preparation of the eye (after killing the mouse). The aim of the project is the analysis of evoked responses (VEP, respectively. SSVEP) and determination whether the mouse sees or not. These experiments are non-invasive and they are carried out by measuring the EEG activity on the mice scalp and subsequent processing of the EEG signal.

Person responsible: Pavel Mautner

Collaborators: Roman Mouček, Petr Brůha, Tomáš Řondík, Lukáš Vařeka


Jan Barcal, Charles University in Prague, Faculty of Medicine in Pilsen, Department of Pathophysiology

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